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    At Foreignerds, we take complete care of code before releasing any of the products.

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    Our team builds reliable and scalable web apps that cater to your business needs.

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    Being with the consumer’s understanding and the market’s landscape with our team.

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    Bring your Web App idea to life with Foreignerds trusted design, development, and consulting services.


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    Build the next generation gaming solution with modern tools and technologies

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    Core Technologies We Rely on in the Process of Web Development

    With 1000+ happy customers and 3000+ successful engagements, Foreignerds has a proven track record of helping businesses build and reinvent their web apps to empower their workforce and enhance productivity.

    The Web Application Services We Offer

    We provide web app development services that you don’t have to consider another firm while building your web app.

    How We Offer Our Web Application Development Services

    As a custom web app development organization, we provide a wide array of technologies to deliver intricately bespoke web applications for our customers. Along with core fundamental languages and technologies like .Net, Java, and PHP, we use modern frameworks to better serve our clients. By mixing tech stacks efficiently, we develop applications that deliver value to clients and offer businesses a powerful web presence.

    Foreignerds professionals have extensive skills and knowledge while building custom web solutions. Our web app solutions help the management of the organization’s workflows, processes, and documentation as our core expertise is based on numerous ERP and CRM systems for startups and enterprises. Besides creating scalable, robust, and secure web app solutions, we also help organizations with upgrades and migrations. We at Foreignerds can handle even the most difficult task easily and swiftly.

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    We offer end-to-end web app development solutions including prototyping, developing, redesigning, or migrating web solutions.

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    We’ve over a decade of expertise in developing top-class B2B and B2C solutions focusing on Healthcare, M&E, Fintech, RTC, Transportation, e-Learning, AdTech, and data analytics:

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      Foreignerds has helped some of the biggest firms around the world with all of their Web App Development needs. Read the reviews of our customers here:

      Assured GRC 44

      George Parnell

      The Foreignerds team concentrates on collaborating every day with the business to deliver optimum-value features that have enabled us to accomplish our business outcomes.

      Assured GRC 45

      George Parnell

      Foreignerds is the most skilled and knowledgeable technical partner to work with. They spend a good time comprehending your approach and help you integrate the right solution for your clients. You can’t find an organization that is more responsive and offer robust quality information than Foreignerds.

      Assured GRC 46

      George Parnell

      From the five crucial engagements that we’ve done with Foreignerds so far, we’ve been very happy and satisfied with their team and their work. Foreignerds is an amazing organization to work with, and its quality speaks for itself.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Still, have any doubts? Check out the frequently asked questions inquired by our most clients mentioned below:

      Web applications are explicit software designed such that it runs on a web program with web explicit resources. So far we’ve created different kinds of web applications that vary from a small static web application to an ERP system.

      1. Static Web application
      2. Dynamic Web application
      3. Online Store
      4. Portal Web application
      5. Animated Web application

      Web applications are only designed to be utilized and accessed from a web browser. These are mixes of server-side script (PHP, ASP .NET, and so on) and client-side script (JavaScript, HTML, and so on). The web browser brings the webserver parts installed at the backend system for the heavy loads in giving its main web services. Some normal instances of web apps are Medium, Facebook, Twitter, Flipkart, Smashing Magazine, and so on.

      Hence, SaaS is an advanced web application. It’s similarly utilized to access services over the web like web applications yet not in every case solely reliant upon the web browser to work. SaaS applications are created to give a more extravagant user customization experience and consistent integration with versatile and consistent back-end infrastructure. Some basic models are Salesforce, Evernote, Hubspot, Dropbox, Zoho, and more.

      The top platforms utilized for web app development incorporate ASP.NET, AngularJS, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, Symfony, Node.js, Ember.js, React.js, CakePHP, Zend, Phalcon, Codeigniter, Express, MEAN.io, JSP, and Knack.

      With the help of these platform support, engineers can enhance the development and maintenance of web applications, and deliver a great response across devices.

      The numerous technologies that web application developers must have experience in are:

      Client-Side Scripting Technologies:

      • HTML
      • CSS
      • JavaScript
      • Ajax
      • jQuery
      • MooTools
      • Dojo Toolkit

      Server Side Scripting Technologies:

      • PHP
      • Zend Framework
      • ASP
      • ASP.NET
      • ColdFusion
      • Ruby on Rails
      • Perl
      • Python

      Web Development Frameworks:

      • Ruby on Rails
      • Angular
      • Yii
      • Meteor JS
      • Express.js
      • Zend
      • Django
      • Laravel
      • Node.js
      • Ionic
      • Phonegap/Cordova
      • Bootstrap
      • Foundation
      • WordPress
      • Drupal
      • .NET
      • Backbone.js
      • Libraries:
      • jQuery
      • Underscore
      • Databases:
      • MongoDB
      • Redis
      • PostgreSQL
      • MySQL
      • Oracle
      • SQL Server
      • Protocols:
      • HTTP
      • DDP
      • REST
      • Data Formats:
      • JSON
      • XML
      • CSV

      A web app is a client-server computer solution that works on a remote server and can be used through any browser. They utilize server-side scripts to handle storage and client-side scripts to showcase data to customers.

      Basic instances of web apps incorporate online banking, webmail, online forms, photo and video editing, file conversion, and scanning, web-based shopping, online sales, spreadsheets, etc.

      Web apps are mainstream since they don’t require difficult installations, need exceptionally less processing power, can be effectively exposed to changes, and settle a portion of the similarity issues.

      The average cost of building a web app relies on numerous factors like:

      • Feature: If the application requests complex third-party integrations, APIs, data sets, dynamic substance, hosting, mobile compatibility, etc, it raises the costs
      • UI/UX design: If you want to go for custom UI/UX designs for your applications than the instant design layouts, you should pay more.
      • The uniqueness of the project: If your application requests particular information and ranges of abilities from profoundly experienced and qualified engineers, your application development expenses may increase.
      • Onsite or offshore locations: Rather than create your applications in nations like the USA and Canada with higher hourly software development costs, it is smarter to proceed with organizations with lower time-based compensations, similar to India.

      Modern Web Applications (MWA) is a blend of a bunch of instruments and perspectives that outcome in adaptable, measured, and lightweight applications. They are required to be accessible nonstop, across the globe. They ought to likewise be viable across all gadgets and screen sizes.

      Users anticipate that these applications should be secure, adaptable, versatile, and fit for handling spikes popular without thinking twice about user experience. An illustration of the equivalent is Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that allows users to download mobile renditions of websites on their phones to peruse disconnected.

      The different sorts of web applications dependent on the presentation of content are:

      Static web applications: These applications are created in CSS, HTML, jQuery, and CSS, show restricted content, and are not entirely adaptable. Modifications can be done exclusively by the webmaster by downloading the HTML code, doing some changes, and hosting it once more.

      Dynamic web applications: These applications are for the most part evolved in PHP and ASP, and have a CMS or content management system where heads can without much of a stretch address or adjust the content. Their substance gets refreshed with every user connection and permits a wealth of features to be released.

      E-commerce applications: These applications look like an internet business or m-trade webpage where the designer makes a management board for overseers to add/update/erase passages. It likewise allows electronic payments using PayPal or credit cards. These applications fit into mobile gadgets as though they were local applications.

      Portal web applications: These applications are web-portal, intuitive software that conveys forums, browsers, email, and then some. These applications can be used to follow users’ exercises on websites.

      Animated web applications: These applications show content with animated effects through Flash innovation, making them more imaginative, modern, and engaging. Notwithstanding, they are not appropriate for SEO optimization.

      Web applications with CMS: These applications are normal among online articles, blogs, media, and more where content changes habitually. The content creators used for the equivalent incorporate Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal.

      The time taken to construct a web application can differ from hours to months contingent upon the extent of the project, process, and designs. The development involves numerous approaches and steps, starting from getting an unmistakable comprehension of the prerequisites to organization and scaling, and the time made for each stride can fluctuate altogether dependent on the intricacy of the application.

      In case you don’t have a technical foundation, picking the right tech stack is practically unimaginable since you don’t have the foggiest idea about the upsides and downsides of each programming language and its utilization cases. If you re-appropriate your project to a web development organization, they will choose a tech stack for you.