How Do we Work

Outsource Any Office Work In Any Field Or Profession:

Foreignerds enables companies, whether it is an SME, startup, or large enterprise, located in any part of the world to outsource talent resources for the operating of business organisation, irrespective of the field or profession. Foreignerds helps companies to hire a full-time dedicated foreignerds employee who works for them exclusively from our well-maintained and equipped office located in India. We have broken fresh ground in what was generally perceived as the traditional form of outsourcing. As a result, clients can now hire remote employees from us to handle all the work that earlier was not considered as ‘suitable’ for outsourcing at all. However, now you can outsource jobs across the various spectrum – from highly technical processes to back-office jobs. Among the most frequently outsourced domains are software programming, engineering, law, accounts, graphics design, SEO, data entry, book-keeping, content writing, transcription work, recruitment, and other allied job roles.

How Does It Work

Breif Us

You may inform us about the job roles (designation) and the kind of candidates you are looking for including experience, educational qualification, skills, etc. in a detailed manner alongwith the range of pay-out.

Pick The Best Resumes

From our talent pool of qualified and experienced candidates, we shall screen several resumes. We shall conduct a preliminary round of interviews along with the technical assessment of the shortlisted candidates.

Virtual Interview

Once we find the candidate suitable and fit for the role, we shall share the selected Resumes with you so we can arrange a virtual audio/video interview with you.

Selection Of The Best Candidate

Only when you are satisfied with the performance of the candidate in the virtual interview, we shall proceed with the hiring of the candidate as your ‘Foreignerds Employee’ who will work remotely from India or other designated locations.

What Do We Offer?

The Dedicated Employee Model

With Foreignerds, you are hiring your own dedicated employee that is ‘virtually’ available. Hiring an employee with us is like hiring a local employee in your own country. In fact, we are the first to introduce the ‘Dedicated Employee Model’ to the outsourcing industry. This is a direct ‘single client single employee model’ where there are close interaction and online collaboration between them regarding work, deadlines, and attainable targets. Here is how it works:

  • Assign to your employee the work you want them to complete.
  • The employee will follow your instructions, directions, and guidelines.
  • Our advanced communication technology ensures high levels of collaboration and interaction with your employee.

The best part of hiring a dedicated foreignerds employee is that it does not feel like outsourcing! The risk factor is minimal, collaboration is easy, communication is smooth, and scaling up or down the size of the project (or team) is a breeze. A ready-made office in India, with all the benefits of a full-time employee, superior technology, latest hardware, and software but without the hassles of infringing regulations and labor laws is what outsourcing with us is all about.

The Team Model

The Team Model of Foreginerds has been created specifically for clients who are outsourcing in software development, DotNet, and Web Designing. The Team Model follows a direct approach with the Technical Team Leader (TTL) leading the chain of command, followed by a Senior Software Engineer (SSE). Depending on the number of hours per day that you have opted for, it is the entire team that collectively works to give those number of hours per day to you. If at any point in the future, should you require an increase in the number of hours per day, all you have to do is to intimate the TTT, who will accordingly make sure that the team delivers those increased number of hours per day.

  • Client control: Unlike outright project outsourcing, our Team Model allows the client to manage his/her project work and get a steady update regarding the progress of the project.
  • Access to the team: Unlike other project outsourcing, our Team Model ensures that the client has direct access to his/her virtual team as well as the Technical Team Leader.

The Best Part!

The Team Model of Foreignerds provides you with all the advantages of working with a dedicated employee, without having to worry about the foreignerds employee going on leaves or falling sick as your work will not be stalled.


The employee you hire will be provided with a new branded Laptop or Desktop with all the required resources such as fax, high-resolution scanner, laser printer, webcame, headset , etc. are also provided.

Telephone With Any Local Number

If required, we can provide a telephone with any local number from your home country for your Foreignerds employee a telephone so you can contact them as and when required and the work shall flow smoothly.

Employment Tax, Insurance, And Labor Law

It is exclusively our responsibility to take care of issues pertaining to employment tax, insurance, and labor law. You, as our valued client, do not have to worry about the legal compliances. This is because we adher to strict legal compliance related to the employees hired and the same is entered into the contract that you have with us. The service you hire from us includes our office space, hardware, administration, supervision, management, customer support, technical support, HR, payroll, etc., and an employee who works exclusively for you, eight hours a day, five days a week.

Supervised And Professional Work Environment

Our HR executives and managers work from the same professional office environment as your foreignerds employee. Accordingly, we can monitor and supervise your employees at all times and you do not have to keep a constant eye on them.

Technical Support

The Foreignerds IT department is operational 24 hours a day and present at all times to resolve or cater to any IT related issues your employee may encounter.

Customer Support

Our customer support department is open 24 hours a day and you can contact us via email or phone at any time. Our customer support department is present round the clock to help and assist you with any employee-related matter.

Outsourcing for great results!

We follow a Procedural workflow for dedicated Development and Resource allocation, Safeguarding integrated Communication and Complete plan Transparency that the Project Involves

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